Listen to the sounds

This audio work was created by Lyttelton sound artist, Helen Greenfield.

The name, age, occupation, nationality and sentence of each woman was spoken and recorded, and over ten hours of audio were condensed into the 9-minute piece.

As the work progresses, the names of Lyttelton Gaol’s most frequent female inmates can be heard clearly. The work is also chronological, with the layered sounds reflecting the number of women imprisoned at Lyttelton over the decades. It becomes an intense babble during the busy years, and tapers off towards the end when fewer women were sent there.

Thank you
to Blair Parkes for much help assembling the piece and thank you to all of the
women who lent their voices to this project: Niamh Buchanan, Lynn Campbell,
Helen Cobb, Jac Coia, Helaina Coote, Anita Cox, Emma Cunningham, Lynley
Edmeades, Wendy Everingham, Noelle Fox, Karen Gartland, Fiona Graham, Brenda
Hurl, Amie Hurst, Alison Isherwood, Lynn James, Laura Jones, Nancy Kane, Ciara Lambe, Kathy
MacKenzie, Kerry McCarthy, Maeve Montgomery-McCarthy, Fiona McGregor, Andrea
McHarg, Wendy McKay, Lizzie Meek, Aoife Mulhall, Barbara Nelson, Ursula Rack,
Nicole Randall, Liza Rossie,  Sue Stubenvoll.