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If our project has inspired you to find out more about these women, or about women and crime in New Zealand, here are some places to start.

And, if you find more leads, please let us know. We’ re going to keep working on this too!

There are two books about Lyttelton Gaol. They’re reasonably hard to get hold of, but try your local library. Lyttelton Library has them both:

  • Byles, Terry (1992) Reston’s Hotel: the history of the Lyttelton jail, Christchurch.
  • Gee, David (1975) The Devil’s Own Brigade: A History of the Lyttelton Gaol, 1860-1920, Millwood Press, Wellington.

Online sources are helpful too:

Papers Past is a treasure trove of early New Zealand newspapers. It’s a great place to trace the stories of these women. Just search their names in the Canterbury region and you will usually find information about them in the court reports.

The Police Gazettes where we found the original information in the database are also available for the whole of New Zealand on the Archives New Zealand website.

Historian Brownyn Dalley has researched the the establishment of women’s prisons in New Zealand. There is a great paper by her available online.

And, if you get really interested, Annabel Taylor’s masters thesis on the imprisonment of women in New Zealand is out there too.